Quiet Company

About the project

"Quiet Company" was a really special project on several fronts — it represented my first collaboration with my (now) dear, dear friend Brendan Lauer. It was an honor to write & co-direct the final video (number 50) in a year-long project Brendan committed to, wherein he produced a video every single week, 50 weeks in a row. We premiered the video at a launch party. Brendan's mom was there, so that's cool. To see the rest of the videos check out the project website. Thank you Brendan.



  • Direction
  • Video
  • Writing


Directed by
Grant Spanier
Directed by
Brendan Lauer
Written by
Grant Sapnier
Edited by
Brendan Lauer
Samirah Abu-Nasser
Original music
Cullen Fitzpatrick