Seat 21A

About the project

I was headed out to Portland, then San Francisco, for a bit of working on the road, to record a series of podcasts, and a jolt of inspiration. Luckily, I got all of the above, and then some. I had a truly incredible experience with a woman on a plane — she took my window seat, and I almost missed out on a beautiful relationship. I stayed up all night writing and posted the story early in the morning on August 25, 2014. Later that week it was featured by Medium, was picked up by a range of blogs, and eventually went on to make it into the Top 100 stories on Medium. As of this writing, the story had been read 200,000+ times and has made it all around the internets.

It was pretty emotional, tbh, like I'm actually tearing up a bit as I type this. I digress, I think you should just go read Seat 21A — I'm really proud of this piece, and thankful it happened.




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